Professional Dog Nail Clippers

I have a six-year-old Westie and after a bad experience with clippers, she’s defensive when I attempt to do her nails. I wanted to try professional dog nail clippers, so we can get the job over with quickly before she has a chance to become too anxious. The other types I tried didn’t allow for a fast enough job, and were hard to hold on to as I worked to clip her nails evenly.

The reason I decided on this pair was the safety guard that prevents cutting to the quick. This is exactly what has set my dog off in the past, and the cause of her defensiveness the second she sees a pair of dog clippers. When I received the clippers I was impressed with their sturdiness, and how light they felt in my hand. I was worried that the metal plate that works as the “brake” to keep from hitting the quick wouldn’t work on my small dog, but it’s actually easy to set for any sized dog, and even cats as well, which was a relief.

While she is a smaller breed, like many West Highlands she has thick nails. This pair worked easily without my having to use both hands. The ergonomic shape of the handles, and the ease of cutting allows me to hold my dog, and still cut each nail so fast she isn’t frightened. These are sharp, so they should be used with care, and another reason I’m glad for the safety feature that prevents cutting to the quick. It’s easy to get a very even cut of the nail so there’s less concern about the nail splitting, or splintering under the pressure of the blades.

There’s a file included that’s kept in the handle so any uneven or rough cuts are easy to smooth out. The handles are long, but they aren’t too wide which is great for us, since this allows both my husband and I to use the clippers. There aren’t too wide for my smaller hands, while the length allows him to get a grip on the clippers despite having much larger hands. The handles are rubber so I can get a good grip even when she gets restless and starts wanting to move around. Another relief is that the lock is simple to use. These don’t suddenly decide to open or close while in use, another problem I’ve encounter with other clippers.

These are made of stainless steel and this was a big selling point for me, since these won’t be as prone to rusting, or simply wearing out as others I have used. With this type of durability, I feel very comfortable in recommending them to friends in similar situations when they don’t want to visit the groomer for a nail trim. With these you get a professional quality trim at home with no fuss. Getting them through Amazon was a fast process as usual, and with my Prime membership the shipping was free. All around this is a great buy.

Check them out and remember FREE Shipping with amazon prime membership.