Dog grooming table review

I admit I was a bit scared at first when I was choosing where to buy a good grooming table from, fortunately I chose this one after reading the various great reviews the grooming table received. The grooming table arrived quickly and promptly! I Was very excited to try and so was my dog Oscar. Very high quality and sturdy. It felt reliable and I knew right off the bat it would last for a long time.

I found the basket underneath very useful to stow away tools , it was a very nifty feature which saves a lot of time and helps reduce clutter. It also just snaps in which is another bonus. The arm that’s comes with the table, is suitable for most breeds. I own a German shepherd , and the slot for height is great and works perfectly. It is also supported for some of the bigger dogs this useful when my friend brings his huge Akita over.

I use it quite a lot outside and was delighted when I found out that it was rust proof unlike some of the other grooming tables that are available on amazon. The table has a feature where your can put it down and pull it back up. The tabletop is nonslip which helps the dogs feel more safe and secure when they are on it. The grooming device even folds itself flat which helped me use it even when’s it lying on the floor! This helped me because it meant I didn’t need to lift big and heavy dogs up onto the table!

The table was already assembled which saved me of time having to put it together with an instruction manual which is very inconvenient. I am very pleased with the product it revolutionizes the way people groom there dogs. It sure does beat having to pick the dog up yourself and getting hair all over.

Unfortunately I’m not sure why I didn’t buy this year’s ago it would have saved me a lot of back pain and patience. I had a hard time deciding which grooming table to buy there were many online and this seemed to have had the overall best review so I wanted to take a risk with it, I am extremely satisfied with this product, the table itself is not very heavy either and easy to carry around. The grooming device is heavy duty also works perfect with my 75lbs German shepherd.

I can take the grooming board around with me in a car and I can take It to friend’s houses. It is very sturdy and reliable and doesn’t rock even when the dog kicks up a fuss. The table has a cool feature called leg locks and the they stay locked that nicely which helps. The grooming table’s arm clips on to the table great and also stays where it should stay.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone who has a dog, the build quality and reliability is top notch and if your thinking about buying this I highly recommended that you do. It is possible that this is best grooming table money can buy, so check out this great table you will be glad you did.

Keep an eye out for more pet grooming supplies reviews.. they are coming soon.