The Comfort Dry Dryer – Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Review


I recently bought the Comfort Dry Dryer by Andis for Axel, my beautiful Afghan Hound. I decided to buy this particular dryer as Andis are a well known and much loved company who make quality products, and I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted a dryer that would dry Axel’s hair quickly, that would do so gently and that would be easy to use. This Dog Grooming Hair Dryer ticks all of those boxes. Below is my review of the Comfort Dry Dryer, starting with a list of some of its great features.


* Powerful 1875 watt motor

* Adjustable stand has 5 different positions

* 2 speed settings

* 3 heat settings

Why I love this pet grooming dryer

I’ve noticed that after a few weeks of using the dryer that Axel’s hair is softer and smoother as a result of using it, as it helps to retain moisture. This dryer does not dry out his hair. There is even a cool setting if you wash and dry your dog’s hair regularly, as I do.

Easy to use

I wanted a no frills easy to use dryer and this one does exactly that. You can use the dryer manually or with the stand. I use the stand, as my dog is quite large, but I suppose that if you have a small dog then you don’t really need the stand. What I love about the stand though is that it frees your hands, so that you can brush your dog’s hair at the same time. It also has five different positions so that you can get the angle just right.

Really easy to clean

The air intake filter within the dryer can be removed for easier cleaning. I just simply wipe the dryer with a dry cloth. It’s as simple as that.

Not too noisy

One thing I was worried about before the dryer arrived, was how noisy it would be, I didn’t want to frighten Axel. However I needn’t have worried. It isn’t that noisy at all, considering the size of the motor. I just choose the lower speed setting which is much quieter.

Adjustable heat levels

There are three heat settings of cool, warm and hot. I tend to use the warm setting as the hot setting for me is too hot, not quite as hot as the dryer I use for my hair, but still, I prefer the cooler setting on my dog. To be honest I find that the heat setting is pretty much irrelevant, as it is the power that dries the hair, and this dryer does a great job on the lower speed setting.

Drying time

This dryer is very effective at drying my dog’s hair. It takes less than 10 minutes and he has a lot of hair. He will sit quietly on his cushion while the dryer does its magic. I usually use this time to brush his hair and have a cuddle.

When it comes to negatives there are only a few minor niggles. The stand is a little heavy with the dryer inserted and really needs two hands to position it correctly. I’m pretty strong but for someone who is elderly, then this may pose a problem. I also feel that the hot setting is too hot for my dog. But that’s just my opinion. The cool setting works just fine for me.

When you consider the cost of this pet grooming dryer and how quickly and effectively it dries a dog’s hair, you really can’t beat it on the job it does. The Comfort Dry Dryer is available to buy from Amazon and costs $38.99. It is also available with free shiping if you have an Amazon Prime Account