Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog Grooming Scissors Review

Owning a dog comes with great responsibility. Their fur which looks good on them brings some issues for you to resolve and need to be taken care of every day. Keeping them clean, brushing them daily and trimming them according to the season. Keeping all these things with a proper pattern and care ensures an easier life with your friend. Most of the experts advise that you should have your dog groomed by an expert or a pet doctor. It will avoid any irregular and uneven haircuts and most of all it reduces the chances of injuries to your pet.

But owning your own Grooming Scissors is a good option too. Because many people cannot find the time to visit the doctors and professionals every week. So if they own dog grooming scissors of their own, it would be a good option. They are essential for the owners to have in their kit related to their pet. Dog grooming scissors are regarded as one of the most important tools for grooming of dogs.

I personally tried these scissors for cutting my pet’s fur. At the start I found it quite difficult and time taking to cut the fur. I had to do it with a lot of concentration but with time I got used to them. Another problem that I faced was didn’t know about the different sizes of the scissors. Different sizes are available in the market for different kinds of dogs and their fur. They come with a variety of sizes, qualities, styles and materials. The blades are made of different elements which are carbon steel, high cobalt stainless steel, and stainless steel.
Carbon steel is of the lowest quality among the three available, but still it works perfectly fine and is made with perfection. The only problem that they have is that they rust if they are kept in humid storage or  damp. Their edges are sharp so you need to be very careful while using them. Stainless steel is the most popular choice among the people and professionals because of it’s awesome characteristics. The best of all them is high cobalt stainless steel. Scissors made with high cobalt stainless steel provide a smoothness while cutting the fur.

  • They are made of sharp stainless steel which give a smooth feeling while cutting the fur.
  • Safety guard also comes with the package which prevents you from any injuries and gives you quick, easy and painless trimming of the fur.
  • The handle design is perfect which makes it a lot easy to grip.
  • Nail file is also included in the left handle.
They are available and at a very reasonable price at Amazon. The shipping is also free if you have a prime membership at Amazon.
Dog Grooming Trailer

How to start a mobile dog grooming business

How to start a mobile dog grooming business.

As much as people love their dogs, a majority do not enjoy the nail clipping and bathing that forms an integral part of pet grooming. As such, dog owners prefer taking their pets to a professional pet grooming service provider. While this is often convenient, it has its shortcomings mostly in form of the extra transportation costs and also the time factor, this brings us to the topic of the mobile dog grooming business

In the recent past, the demand for mobile dog grooming services has increased significantly making mobile pet grooming a lucrative venture. If you are great with dogs and love spending time with them, then you might consider venturing into the business of mobile dog grooming. For individuals who might be interested in such a venture, the following is a comprehensive overview on how to start a mobile dog grooming business


Step 1: Learn the trade

Pet grooming might seem like a simple task but doing it on a professional level will be an entirely different experience. For most individuals grooming a pet narrows down to the occasional messy bath and a hair trim. However his cant be further from the truth.

Dog grooming on a professional level is an intricate process that can be quite involving. For starters, the grooming procedure varies on a case to case basis based on an owner’s preference and the breed of dog. As such, going out and buying a dog grooming trailer might seem as a good first step when setting up the business but is not always advisable, you first have to learn the basics of the trade

How does one go about getting the necessary dog grooming expertise? Well, there are institutions that offer professional diploma and certifications in the field of pet grooming. For instance, the New York School of Dog Grooming offers basic and advanced certifications in the field of dog grooming while the Thompson School of Advanced Science at the University of New Hampshire offers a diploma course in pet grooming. Remember, by having a professional qualification in the field of pet grooming, you’ll be more knowledgeable and appear more credible when compared to your competitor

Alternatively, starting off as a volunteer at your local animal shelter can also be a good idea. Local shelters have grooming departments and by working there, you will familiarize yourself with different breeds of dogs, their temperaments and the various grooming procedures. You can also offer grooming services to neighbors and friends when starting out


Step 2: Certification and licensure

As a rule, getting a business license to operate within a city or state is considered essential for individuals who wish to start a mobile dog grooming business. Some states also require business insurance and even zoning applications if a dog is to be picked up and taken back after grooming. Ensure you carry out the necessary research as to the licenses that might be required in your state and make a point of acquiring all the licenses before starting off your business

Accreditation and certification from professional bodies will also go a long way in boosting the credibility of your business.


Step 3: Financing

This is the next step of the how to set up a mobile dog grooming business guide. When it comes to financing, individuals have quite a number of options. An individual might opt to finance the whole startup from personal savings, take out a business loan or alternatively, purchase a dog grooming trailer on loan and use personal savings to finance the rest of the startup

It is important to note that, banks generally require a business plan when giving out business loans and as such, ensure you have a solid business plan if you intend to go for a business loan


Step 4: Purchasing equipment

After getting your finances right, purchasing equipment for your mobile dog grooming business is the next course of action. Naturally, the dog grooming trailer should be the main focus on your purchase list at this point but there are several other equipment that also need to be considered. The following is a list of some of the most essential equipment that should be purchased

  • A dog grooming trailer
  • Grooming table
  • Generator
  • Water tank and tap
  • Tub
  • Grooming tools
  • Consumable grooming supplies
  • Advertising materials and sales flyers

Since most of the activities of pet grooming revolve around general cleanliness, plenty of water is required and as such, a water tank and tap are considered as being one of the most essential components and feature prominently on the list of items to purchase.

A tub for washing the pets, grooming table and grooming tools together with the consumable utilities also form part of the list and should be part of the initial purchase for the startup

The dog grooming trailer is perhaps one of the most essential part of the business and will go a long way in making or breaking a venture. For starters, the general design of the grooming trailer must create an inviting atmosphere for both the pets and their owners and as such the trailer should be designed specifically for this purpose.

But where can one get such a trailer and the corresponding utilities? Well Dog Grooming Trailers from Mobile Trailer Solutions ( ) is one such site that offers the best when it comes to grooming trailers. As for the other startup equipment, Amazon and EBay offer a great selection on the different utilities needed for startup and a simple search will give you thousands of results. and are also great resources for startup utilities


Step 5: Advertising and Startup

Advertising is perhaps one of the most important stages of setting up a dog grooming business. As a rule, you should create flyers advertising your business and hand them out to dog owners at the local park or even on the streets. Advertising online and in the local daily is also highly recommended. You should also come up with a route plan at this point

Referrals are very important and in view of this, ensure that you get the word out through family and friends to potential clients. Offering discounts and special packages to first-time customers is also highly advisable

By following the above steps, you could be well on your way to setting up a successful mobile dog grooming business


Dog grooming hair dryer

Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Review

The Comfort Dry Dryer – Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Review


I recently bought the Comfort Dry Dryer by Andis for Axel, my beautiful Afghan Hound. I decided to buy this particular dryer as Andis are a well known and much loved company who make quality products, and I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted a dryer that would dry Axel’s hair quickly, that would do so gently and that would be easy to use. This Dog Grooming Hair Dryer ticks all of those boxes. Below is my review of the Comfort Dry Dryer, starting with a list of some of its great features.


* Powerful 1875 watt motor

* Adjustable stand has 5 different positions

* 2 speed settings

* 3 heat settings

Why I love this pet grooming dryer

I’ve noticed that after a few weeks of using the dryer that Axel’s hair is softer and smoother as a result of using it, as it helps to retain moisture. This dryer does not dry out his hair. There is even a cool setting if you wash and dry your dog’s hair regularly, as I do.

Easy to use

I wanted a no frills easy to use dryer and this one does exactly that. You can use the dryer manually or with the stand. I use the stand, as my dog is quite large, but I suppose that if you have a small dog then you don’t really need the stand. What I love about the stand though is that it frees your hands, so that you can brush your dog’s hair at the same time. It also has five different positions so that you can get the angle just right.

Really easy to clean

The air intake filter within the dryer can be removed for easier cleaning. I just simply wipe the dryer with a dry cloth. It’s as simple as that.

Not too noisy

One thing I was worried about before the dryer arrived, was how noisy it would be, I didn’t want to frighten Axel. However I needn’t have worried. It isn’t that noisy at all, considering the size of the motor. I just choose the lower speed setting which is much quieter.

Adjustable heat levels

There are three heat settings of cool, warm and hot. I tend to use the warm setting as the hot setting for me is too hot, not quite as hot as the dryer I use for my hair, but still, I prefer the cooler setting on my dog. To be honest I find that the heat setting is pretty much irrelevant, as it is the power that dries the hair, and this dryer does a great job on the lower speed setting.

Drying time

This dryer is very effective at drying my dog’s hair. It takes less than 10 minutes and he has a lot of hair. He will sit quietly on his cushion while the dryer does its magic. I usually use this time to brush his hair and have a cuddle.

When it comes to negatives there are only a few minor niggles. The stand is a little heavy with the dryer inserted and really needs two hands to position it correctly. I’m pretty strong but for someone who is elderly, then this may pose a problem. I also feel that the hot setting is too hot for my dog. But that’s just my opinion. The cool setting works just fine for me.

When you consider the cost of this pet grooming dryer and how quickly and effectively it dries a dog’s hair, you really can’t beat it on the job it does. The Comfort Dry Dryer is available to buy from Amazon and costs $38.99. It is also available with free shiping if you have an Amazon Prime Account